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Data Sets

State System Membership (v2016)

This data set records the fluctuating composition of the state system since 1816. It also identifies countries corresponding to the standard Correlates of War country codes.

COW War Data, 1816 - 2007 (v4.0)

The new list of wars that will be included in the COW war databases is available. Non-State War data set (v4.0), Intra-State War data set (v5.1), Inter-State War data set (v4.0), and Extra-State War data set (v4.0) are now available.

National Material Capabilities (v6.0)

Power is considered by many to be a central concept in explaining conflict, and six indicators - military expenditure, military personnel, energy consumption, iron and steel production, urban population, and total population - are included in this data set. It serves as the basis for the most widely used indicator of national capability, CINC (Composite Indicator of National Capability) and covers the period 1816-2016.

Militarized Interstate Dispute Locations (v2.1)

This data set records the geographic locations of MIDs in latitude/longitude coordinates, per dispute and per incident. Dispute version 2.1 (MIDLOC-A) covers the 1816-2010 period. Incident version 2.1 (MIDLOC-I) covers the 1993-2010 period. The population of disputes and incidents in both datasets match the population of disputes and incidents in MID v4.3.

World Religion Data (v1.1)

This data set aims to provide detailed information about religious adherence worldwide since 1945. This data set is hosted by Zeev Maoz, University of California-Davis, and Errol A. Henderson, Pennsylvania State University.

Formal Alliances (v4.1)

This data set records all formal alliances among states between 1816 and 2012, including mutual defense pacts, non-aggression treaties, and ententes. This data set is hosted by Douglas Gibler, University of Alabama.

Direct Contiguity (v3.2)

The Direct Contiguity data set registers the land and sea borders of all states since the Congress of Vienna, and covers 1816-2016. This data set is hosted by Paul Hensel, University of North Texas.

Territorial Change (v6)

This data set records all peaceful and violent changes of territory from 1816-2018. This data set is hosted by Steven V. Miller, Clemson University.

Colonial/Dependency Contiguity (v3.1)

The Colonial/Dependency Contiguity data set registers contiguity relationships between the colonies/dependencies of states (by land and by sea up to 400 miles) from 1816-2016.

Intergovernmental Organizations (v3)

Although the number of intergovernmental organizations (IGOs) grew dramatically during the late 20th century, they have been part of the world scene for much longer. This data set tracks the status and membership of such organizations from 1815-2014. Access information about this data here. This data set is hosted by Timothy Nordstrom, University of Mississippi, Jon Pevehouse, University of Wisconsin and Megan Shannon, Colorado-Boulder.

Diplomatic Exchange (v2006.1)

The Diplomatic Exchange data set tracks diplomatic representation at the level of chargé d'affaires, minister, and ambassador between states from 1817-2005. This data set is hosted by Reşat Bayer, Koç University.

Trade (v4.0)

This data set tracks total national trade and bilateral trade flows between states from 1870-2014. This data set is hosted by Katherine Barbieri, University of South Carolina, and Omar Keshk, Ohio State University.

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