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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I cite COW data?

On each individual data page, the data host has indicated how they would like the data to be cited. Please see the Data page for additional information.


What are the use restrictions of the COW data?

We encourage the use of COW data under certain guidelines. 1) The data be properly cited. 2) COW data users cannot charge for access.


I noticed an error or I have a suggestion. What should I do? 

Users of COW data sets are encouraged to contact us with any problems they observe concerning those data sets or this website. Please contact us via email at or


How do I subscribe/unsubscribe to the COW Listserv? 

The COW Listserv is a mailing list for the Correlates of War Project. The list will primarily distribute announcements of COW data set releases, along with other infrequent announcements of interest to the COW community. To join, please subscribe to the list by sending an email to (no subject or message text is required). To unsubscribe, send an email to .


How do I submit an announcement or proposal to the COW Listserv? 

The COW Listserv is a moderated list, and all replies to the list will come to Scott Bennett (Associate Director, COW Project, and Zeev Maoz (Director, COW Project, for approval. To submit at item for posting, send it to